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Weekly Lawn and Landscape Maintenance:

Service Includes professional mowing, edging, trimming, waste removal, bed maintenance, and pruning. Mulch replacement twice a year and refreshing as needed. Aeration of lawn is extra in the spring.

Irrigation Maintenance and Additions:

Existing irrigation systems are checked quarterly for proper operation and coverage. As landscapes mature, additions or re-locations will be designed to maximize coverage. 

Long-Term Care:

Lawns and landscapes like consistency in care to maximize their health and beauty. Aeration will be completed in the proper sequence and associated time frame along with proper cutting height.  Customers must ensure proper watering.

Pressure Washing and Exterior Window Cleaning:

Quarterly plans or as needed services that include pressure washing of home, driveways, sidewalks, and exterior windows professionally cleaned.

Landscaping Lighting:

HollandScapes will design a plan that will actuate your home and the landscape with quality Volt Lighting products ensuring your home looks just as good at night as it does during the day.

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