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List of Services

Landscape Design and Installation

Mike offers multiple types of landscape design and installation of plants, grass, irrigation systems, and lighting. Let Mike provide an estimate today.

Landscape Design & Installation Services

HollandScapes will help you design and install additions to your current landscape, including Trees, Plants, Flowers, Sod, Bedding, Mulch, and Pinestraw.

Water and Irrigation Systems

HollandScapes will maintain and service your irrigation system. As Plants and trees mature and grow, sometimes sprinkler heads need to be moved or enhanced to ensure proper watering. Your system will be checked and programmed to provide maximum efficiency.

Exterior Lighting Enhancements

Exterior Lighting is magical; nothing enhances the exterior of your home at night more than Lighting. Trees, Plants, Sidewalks, and Walls become works of art when highlighted with Lighting. Mike only uses top-of-the-line components that are easy to maintain.

Pressure Washing

A beautiful and pristine landscape also calls for a clean, beautiful driveway and sidewalk. Mike will ensure that as well with his pressure washing services. The exterior of your home and windows are also part of this service offered to his clients.

Lawncare and Maintenance

You have a lot of money invested in your yard. Mike provides maintenance and beautification to the exteriors of many homes. Let Mike show you the quality of his services.


Among the first things that most people notice is the turf. HollandScapes will take care of the chore of mowing your property. Mike will work with you to put a schedule in place that you are comfortable with and will keep your lawn looking beautiful.

Trimming and Pruning

Making sure your trees get the correct amount of sunlight is crucial to the health of the plants and will ensure that air circulation in and around the trees is at a desirable level. Trees and shrubs will be trimmed by Mike to make your lawn look manicured and maintained.

Mulch and Pine Straw Installation

Mulch and Pine Straw are a great way to keep your plants and trees healthy while at the same time making the lawn look great with various mulches that come in different colors. Mulch is included in every plan offered.

Lawn Care

Consistency is the key to a healthy landscape. Regularly maintaining your lawn through cutting, pruning, and trimming will allow your grass to grow better. Additionally, adding mulch or pinestraw can provide essential nutrients to the soil, which can stimulate plant growth. This can help your lawn look lush and healthy throughout the year.

Our Services

Lawn & Landscape Maintenance

Mike handles the Mowing, Trimming, Edging, Pruning, and Mulch/Pinestraw.

Landscape Design & Installation

Add Trees, Plants, Flowers, Sod, and Bedding to any landscape or Mike will custom design it for you.

Lawn Care

Mike make sure your yard is properly cut, trimmed, and pruned to help your yard stay healthy and clean.

Landscape Lighting

When it becomes dusk, enhance the exterior with lighting highlighting Trees, Plants, Sidewalks, and Walls.

Irrigation Management

As your landscape matures, your irrigation system oftentimes needs to be expanded to continue to adequately provide coverage. Mike will make sure your system is maintained and operates properly.

Pressure Washing

Keep your home Beautiful with pristinely clean Sidewalks, Driveways, exterior walls, and Windows.





Exterior Lighting


Tree Service

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